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Unlock Unprecedented Affordability in Auto & Fuel

Drive your dream car and fuel up for less, all with MoEV
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Highly recommend, Great staff to work with. Incredibly nice and genuinely there for the customer.

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MoEV Auto helped me greatly, fantastic service all around and I would recommend them to anyone.


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about us
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About Us

MoEV is driving change in the automotive industry, ensuring affordability in every aspect of vehicle ownership and introducing innovative solutions to create a more sustainable automotive future.

What we offer

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Subsidized Benefits & Automatic Upgrade Program

Your Investment in a Greener Future: Every MoEV subscription contributes to the growth of our diverse revenue platforms. As we profit, you benefit, with significant subsidies on your vehicle payment.


Unlock Exclusive Benefits: Join the MoEV family and access a range of motorist benefits. Subscribers to the Automatic Upgrade Program also automatically get access to our Fuel Discount Program, making savings even greater. On average, members save $200-$400 monthly.

auto upgrade program
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Thank you Andrew and Jourdain for your hard work and diligence in making this possible.


Automatic Upgrade Program

Our payment subsidy program is geared towards assisting consumers in finding a vehicle of their choice at a fraction of the cost.

This program allows YOU to subscribe with cash, equity, or dealership incentives. MoEV will reinvest this money into its other revenue-generating platforms such as fuel, insurance, health benefits, and more.

With a portion of the profit we make from these programs, we will subsidize your auto loan,  saving you money every time a payment is made.

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MoEV Auto Inc. is a great program, I love my new Highlander and the lower payments!


The MoEV Deal Flow

Partnering with top dealerships, catering to equity owners, and offering a hassle-free vehicle buying experience.


Customer with equity in their vehicle or cash equal to $10,000 or greater.

MoEV works with top
dealerships to ensure you
receive the lowest payment

MoEV removes the dealership hassle and provides a one on one vehicle buying experience.

Join the 

bulk fuel program

MoEV Bulk Fuel

Refueling a Car

Commercial Bulk Fuel Program

Fuel Discounts Tailored for SMEs: Leverage the collective strength of the MoEV business network. Enjoy competitive fuel rates previously exclusive to major corporations. Enrolling is easy, and we handle all the administrative tasks, from contract forwarding to payment setups.

Employee Incentive Program

Offer More with MoEV: Introduce our unique fuel discount benefit for employees—a retention incentive that costs employers nothing but offers immense value to the staff.


The process is seamless:

  • Employees receive individual agreements and set up automatic payments.

  • MoEV dispatches fuel cards with clear usage instructions and convenient refueling locations

  • Employers simply notify us when an employee exits, ensuring efficient card management.


Refueling Car at a Gas Station
contact us

Contact Us

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Unit 300 10011 92 St. 

Grande Prairie, AB T8V 7T5


Sales: 403 768 2069

Office: 58
7 209 3872


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