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Sign up today and lower corporate overhead.

moEV - Cost Relief Program:

Introducing the moEV Equipment & Fleet Cost Relief Program. This innovative initiative offers subsidized maintenance and services costs for commercial businesses. Providing value with monthly Installments and employee discounts to alleviate operational costs.

Registering your company for our cost relief program is seamless. Our team will connect with you to determine your monthly fuel usage, number of member cards required and to send out contracts.

Once the paperwork is finalized the cards will be delivered to your office. Usage instructions will be provided either through e-mail or in person. Detailed invoices are sent out weekly to keep your accounting needs up to date.

Sales: 403 768 2069

Office: 58
7 209 3872


 How the program works:

Fleet of Trucks


Members will enjoy exclusive discounts on fuel, insurance and corporate travel. Join us in transforming fleet management and securing long-term financial stability for equipment and trucking companies.

 Program benefits:

Competitive rates:  Fuel discounts that rival those of major corporations.

Employee retention:  Member benefits reduce turn over and promotes employee loyalty.

Business growth:  Invest savings into your business by taking advantage of lower operational costs.

Maintenance & service:  Receive monthly cost relief payments to offset the cost of conducting service and maintenance in your business. ( cost relief payment is relative to the subscription amount.  )


Truck Driver


We are proud to offer a unique employee benefit to employers - discounted fuel rates for their employees. Typically only available to moEV subscribers, these rates can now be offered to employees as a valuable retention incentive.

 Joining is easy for your employees:

Employee on-boarding:  Employee's simply scan the QR code or join using a provided link, fill out the
simple questionnaire, pay the yearly $100 subscription, get your card, and START SAVING! ( Payments can be paid for by the employee or by the company.)

Fuel card distribution:  moEV provides fuel cards, user guidelines and lists of participating stations.

Continuous management:  Inform us when an employee departs and we handle card suspension, ensuring efficient management.


 Save on your bottom line:

Employee satisfaction: Offer a tangible benefit that impacts daily life.


Streamlined management: We handle the details, from card distribution to usage guidelines.

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