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moEV - Fuel Program:

Save more every time you refuel!

Discover unparalleled savings with moEV's exclusive fuel programs. Whether you're a business seeking bulk discounts or an individual aiming to cut down on refuelling costs, we have the perfect solution tailored for you.

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Commercial Bulk Fuel Program

Empower your business with unmatched fuel rates. moEV’s Commercial Bulk Fuel Program leverages our expansive business network to offer small to medium-sized enterprises rates usually reserved for industry giants. Transitioning is hassle-free – we handle contract setup, payment arrangements, and provide comprehensive on-boarding.


Competitive rates: Fuel rates that rival those of major corporations.

Simplified processes: Seamless enrollment and administrative handling.

Business growth: Reduce operational costs and invest back into your business.

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Employee Incentive Program

Offer an incentive that truly resonates. With moEV’s Employee Incentive Program, reward your team with exclusive fuel discounts. This unique benefit aids in retention and adds significant value to your compensation package, all at no extra cost to the employer.


Employee on-boarding: Each employee receives a unique agreement and sets up automatic payments.

Fuel card distribution: moEV provides fuel cards, user guidelines and lists of participating stations.

Continuous management: Inform us when an employee departs and we handle card suspension, ensuring efficient management.

 Key benefits:


Employee satisfaction: Offer a tangible benefit that impacts daily life.

Zero cost: Enhance your benefits package without added expenses.

Streamlined management: We handle the details, from card distribution to usage guidelines.


How do I register for the Commercial Bulk Fuel Program?

  • It's simple! Click here to contact us and our team will guide you through the registration process.

Is there a minimum number of employees required to avail of the Employee Incentive Program?

  • No, there's no minimum. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, we're here to provide value to your team.

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