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"moEV got me into a 1 ton for 85% less than my old truck payments. These guys are awesome! I was very skeptical at first but after working with the team, they showed me how it all worked. I don't think I'll even step foot in a dealership again without dealing with moEV."



"Jourdain and Andrew are awesome. They got me into my dream car and it's fully equipped. Great customer service. I would highly recommend them."


"A big shout out to moEV Auto for setting my fiancée and I up in these amazing brand new vehicles. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of service they have provided and more importantly the results that their program has produced for us. My payments are a third of what a dealership would be able to get me. As for my fiancée, she is payment free!

If anybody has any interest in a new vehicle, this is definitely the route to go."



"Thanks moEV! Normally I’m known for driving vehicles from WW2 because I think vehicles are the worst investment you can make. Also I have always put way too many kilometres on a vehicle for it to make sense. Now with 100% payment subsidy, I couldn’t refuse it!"

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"Thank you guys so much for all the help, you guys rock. The experience was top notch!"

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"Working With Jordain and Andrew was smooth and painless. Helped save me some money in the long run and a new truck to boot. Highly recommend"

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"We just bought a new vehicle with moEV. We didn't think we would be able to get into one and with them it was possible. Jourdain was great to deal with and our vehicle was even delivered to our driveway! Super easy and painless process. Highly recommend moEV for anyone looking at buying!"

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"Still loving my new luxury ride. Thanks so much for this opportunity and helping make this happen for me"


"I would highly recommend Jourdain at moEV Auto! He is great at his job and always gets the best deal for us. Even though we ask a million questions every time, he's always so kind and helpful. We love our new van, and love the low payments that moEv Auto can provide!"

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"moEV quickly got me out of my old basic model Titan and into a 2022 moderately loaded Dodge Ram Classic Express! With their help, I am now driving a more powerful vehicle that can tow better and have better fuel mileage mileage doing it.


Thanks moEV this was my best buying a new vehicle experience yet!"



"I would highly recommend moEV to anyone looking for a new ride. Jourdain is an amazing man on the front lines he is so kind, works hard to find exactly what you are looking for, and is very easy to deal with. He is also available anytime you need him. I had a great experience. Thank you moEV auto!!!"



"moEV Auto helped me greatly, fantastic service all around and I would recommend them to anyone. 
They helped me get the absolute best deal possible on the exact car I was looking for! They always come through with subsidizing the payments a few days before the payment comes out!! This is a service I'll always be using thanks again, Andrew!"



"moEV Auto is a great program, I love my new Highlander and the lower payments!"

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